Business Basics


March 15 - May 17, 2022
Tuesdays, 6 - 9pm

Before you quit your job or invest your life savings, wouldn’t it be nice to know whether your idea has merit? In New Venture, you will write a feasibility plan on your venture’s strengths and weaknesses, examining your concept from every angle. You will also work closely with other aspiring entrepreneurs sharing ideas and strategies, and laying the groundwork for future business relationships. Through New Venture, you’ll discover whether the life of an entrepreneur is right for you.

In Business Basics, you will develop:

  • Knowledge of the feasibility planning process
  • A feasibility plan that follows an assessment template designed to refine your ideas and assess your venture's viability
  • Research skills you can apply to the workplace or any future business venture
  • An understanding of the most common business entry strategies, including their pluses and minuses
  • A network of entrepreneurial peers
  • Valuable mentor relationships
  • A sense of yourself as an entrepreneur
  • A library of business reference materials, including an interactive website that helps you write and build a feasibility plan

What You'll Learn

Business Basics is ground zero for anyone interested in starting a business. Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the program is designed to help you evaluate and perfect your business concept. Taught by seasoned entrepreneurs in your community, Business Basics's hands-on program uses your idea as a case study, giving you an opportunity to “workshop” your venture in a safe and supportive environment. Business Basics is a 10-module, 30-hour program.

You will learn and interact with a group of aspiring entrepreneurs who, like yourself, are trying to put their ideas into action. You will also work with certified instructors, people with start-up business experience, who understand the benefits and pitfalls of starting a new enterprise. In addition, by the time you finish, you’ll know whether your idea has “legs” and if starting a business is right for you.

Course Outline

  1. Exploring Entrepreneurship
  2. Identifying and Meeting Market Needs
  3. Setting Financial Goals
  4. Planning the Product/Service
  5. Researching and Analyzing the Market
  6. Reaching the Market
  7. Building the Organization and Team
  8. Planning for a Profitable Business
  9. Monitoring Cash Flow/Seeking Funds
  10. Implementing Next Steps
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