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Welcome to the South Carolina Entrepreneur LaunchPad! We are a group of Eco-System builders dedicated to helping the Lowcountry Entrepreneurs connect to training, resources, and more. Join us to take your business to a new level!


Business Basics for New Ventures

What is Business Basics?

An entrepreneurship training program to explore the potential of your business idea.
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Strategic Growth for Seasoned Businesses

What is Strategic Growth?

Strategic growth is an entrepreneurship training program to unleash the potential of your business geared to veteran business owners with 2+ years of experience.
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Launching Your Tech Venture

What do you get out of Tech Venture?

That's easy. The tools you need to advance your technology venture to the next stage of business, whether that is seeking your last round of financing before going public, or moving beyond the start-up stage.
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Taking Control of Your Day
and Your Life

We’re reminded daily of how little we actually control in our lives. Maintaining a sense of sanity and productivity in such uncertain times is now more valuable to us than ever.
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The Sales Pivot

In this engaging and interactive presentation, author and growth expert John Carroll will reveal his secrets on how to make networking your highest return activity to increase your leads, your sales, make your marketing more effective and strengthen your overall business development.
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Networking Effectively Through the Pandemic

As you continue to move through the throes of recessionary business and thinking, you’d better be adapting into and progressing through the imminent recovery.
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What Our Clients Say

Over the course of 25 years teaching and training, we’ve worked with some awesome clients who love us and our courses.
Check what they have to say.

Anthony Coaxum

"Vickie trains individuals to start and grow their business. She is very good at what she does for the student. She is a good mentor."

Anthony Coaxum

Owner, Crown Insurance Agency, LLC Charleston, South Carolina

"Vickie was an instructor for me and my business at FastTrac and has been instrumental in instructing us how to be more efficient and how to expand our business. Without her instructions, I don't think we could have still grown our business during the bad economic times."

Terry Smith

President at TLS Construction
Dr. Gordon Jones

"Vickie was my first Professor of the FastTrac series. She did a great job of teaching us the basics and bringing in content experts to educate us further on their start-up and business experiences. Vickie is a great facilitator and networker joining up complimentary resources to help her clients succeed"

Dr. Gordon Jones

Serial Entrepreneur
North Augusta, South Carolina

"Vickie is truly a sincere teacher for entrepreneurs. Always bubbly and always ready to offer an encouraging word. Vickie was our facilitator in the GrowthVenture classes in the Fall of2009. Great speakers and business professionals spoke at each class at night 6-9 PM. This has been the second time through for me on the GrowthVenture program, the re-sit on the class is discounted. I can say I have gotten more out of this class then the past because I have grown up as a business owner. Michael Gerber in the E-Myth says to "get help" the GrowthVenture and finding people like Vickie is what he was talking about."

Roger Swanson

Tactical Sales Connector
Charleston, South Carolina Area

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Welcome to the Eco-Builder community! As entrepreneurs, we understand the struggles of building a business. You will find strong resources and connections here. That is our part. Your part is to utilize the resources to make your life easier and more profitable. Ready to work together? Join a class and become a member of the community!

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