Networking Effectively Through the Pandemic

As you continue to move through the throes of recessionary business and thinking, you’d better be adapting into and progressing through the imminent recovery.

How exactly will you do that and what steps will you take to make sure your key
relationships make it through as strong and healthy as possible?

Author and businessman John Carroll will present practical, proven tips on how best to prepare and position yourself and where to focus to create the ideal launch pad yourself and your business. He’ll show you just how you personally can be a leading indicator of the economic rebound in your sphere of influence, right where you are right now. You’ll come away with tips for staying in touch without scaring others away, how going back to basics may look different from the past and how you can prime the pump through tried and true approaches.

John will weave raw encouragement with practical, proven tips, all designed to help owners and executives, both young and experienced, come away from this meeting with steps you can apply immediately to make a difference in your own work and in your relationships with clients, prospects and team members.

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