Strategic Growth for Seasoned Businesses


March 17 - May 19, 2022
Thursdays, 6-9pm

Graduates of Strategic Growth describe the program as one that encourages entrepreneurs to streamline their business processes, analyze strengths and shortcomings, and achieve more balance in their work and personal lives. By working closely with other entrepreneurs in the intensive, Strategic Growth environment, you’ll interact with a group of people with whom you can share ideas, strategies, and successes. You’ll also hone business skills that you’ll use to shape your business for years to come and gain control of your business and your life.

Through Strategic Growth Class you’ll develop:

  • Knowledge of a successful business planning process.
  • A business plan that follows a planning template focused on growth strategies and effective business management
  • A better understanding of market opportunities
  • Insight on how to use resources to your best advantage
  • A network of entrepreneurial peers.
  • Valuable mentor relationships
  • A sense of yourself as an entrepreneur
  • An understanding of such key business concepts as marketing, market position, finance, customer relations, and operations

What You'll Learn

Strategic Growth is a ten-module, 30-hour educational program created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that are designed to help you look at your entire business. Delivered locally by seasoned entrepreneurs in the community, Strategic Growth is a hands-on program that uses your business as a case study, giving you the opportunity to put proven business practices to work for you. In the class and in coaching sessions, you’ll take a hard look at all aspects of your company and write a new business plan to address present and future needs and to help you manage your company on a daily basis. You’ll also learn to identify your competition and how to address it, as well as the legal aspects associated with operating a business.

Through Strategic Growth, you’ll learn with a group of peers, entrepreneurs like yourself, who are working to improve their businesses. You’ll also work with certified facilitators, people with real entrepreneurial business experience, who understand the challenges of operating and growing entrepreneurial business ventures. In this supportive environment, you’ll incubate new business ideas, uncover areas that need reinforcing, and establish a foundation from which to make future decisions.

Program Outline

  1. Sizing up Your Business
  2. Exploring Market Opportunities
  3. Making Strategic Decisions
  4. Using Financial Tools
  5. Refining the Product/Service
  6. Seizing the Market
  7. Leading the Organization
  8. Managing Operations for Growth
  9. Charting Financial Performance
  10. Making it Happen
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