Tech Launch


Graduates of Tech Launch describe the program as one that encourages technology entrepreneurs to determine the economic feasibility of their business concept, reevaluate the feasibility of the technology, design a business model that matches a personal vision and create a business plan to communicate the opportunity to investors.

This course is divided into two parts: Feasibility Testing and Business Planning. Feasibility Testing is critical for new technology and can serve as a catalyst to complete a more formal, focused feasibility analysis for existing technology. With proven technology in hand, you will move on to create the Business Plan.

This course is designed for substantial interaction among the participants as well as among the facilitators and speakers. By working closely with other technology entrepreneurs in the intensive TechVenture™ environment, you'll interact with a group of people with whom you can share ideas, strategies, and successes.

Through Tech Launch you will:

  • Determine the feasibility of your technology.
  • Develop a business that meets a market need and helps you reach your own personal goals.
  • Identify future market opportunities.
  • Investigate and plan for all aspects of a potential business once it is determined to be feasible.
  • Determine the amount and sources of money needed to start, operate, and grow the business.
  • Practice and apply a proven planning process that increases the likelihood of success.
  • Create a business plan focused on growth strategies and effective business management.
  • Use resources to your best advantage.
  • Build a network of other technology entrepreneurs
  • Identify the steps necessary to present your business plan to potential investors to secure financing for each stage of business.

What is Tech Launch?

Tech Launch is a two-phase, multi-session program created by technology entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, like you. Delivered locally by seasoned entrepreneurs in the community, Tech Launch hands-on program uses your business as a case study, giving you the opportunity to put proven business practices to work in today's environment.

In the class and in coaching sessions, you'll look at all aspects of your venture through the investor's scrutinizing eyes. In the plan, you will weigh the risks against the opportunities, determine what potential problems exist, and decide whether these can be eliminated or minimized. Then, you'll write a Business Plan that addresses present and future financing needs. This Business Plan will communicate not only the potential success of the venture but the opportunity for the investor, as well. You'll also learn to identify your business challenges and how to address them, as well as legal aspects associated with operating a business. Finally, this program will identify the process necessary to find potential investors and successfully present your plan to them.

Through Tech Launch, you'll learn with a group of peers, entrepreneurs like yourself, who are working to improve and grow their businesses successfully. You'll also work with certified facilitators, people with real entrepreneurial business experience, who understand the challenges of operating and growing entrepreneurial technology-based business ventures. In this supportive environment, you'll incubate new business ideas, uncover areas that need reinforcing, build an entrepreneurial network, and establish a foundation from which to make future decisions.

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